Financial Stability

We Fight for Financial Stability

More than $17.2 million was invested this year into financial stability programs to support hard-working, low-income families who, despite their efforts, can’t make ends meet. 79,758 people benefited from programs targeting sustainable employment, affordable housing, managing budgets and increased assets.


  • 12,978 tax returns in Central Florida were submitted free of charge, keeping hard-earned dollars in the pockets of families who need them.
  • 1,089 low-to-moderate income households claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit with United Way’s help, returning an average of nearly $2,000 per family.
  • 520 school-age children and their families were provided case management to reduce mobility and stabilize finances, so that the kids can focus on school.
  • Each dollar given to the School Readiness Program is matched with $15.67 from the Florida Office of Early Learning to serve additional children. By providing a grant to our partner agency, United Way was able to bring an additional $5.5 million to the community to help provide affordable healthcare to families in need.
  • 32,048 people were able to improve their financial stability, ranging from case management for homeless families to training to improve employability, through a United Way-funded program or service.

United We Win by Partnering

Together, United Way and our partner agencies make strides in creating immediate change while investing in results for the long term. The following are grant recipients for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Financial Stability

Community Coordinated Care for Children (4C)

Early Learning Coalition of Seminole


Lighthouse Central Florida

Orlando Community and Youth Trust, Inc.

Osceola Council on Aging